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All-in-One Conferencing & Collaboration

iMeet® helps you collaborate during your online meetings. The chat feature lets you share files and have meaningful conversations that will make your meetings more productive. Chat individuals or groups in real-time.

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Easy Screen Sharing

iMeet makes collaboration seamless and meetings more engaging by allowing guests to share their screens and presentations with just a few simple clicks. Our guest screen share feature lets meeting hosts pass control to any of their attendees, at any time.

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Record Your Meetings

Record your online meetings so people who couldn’t attend can see what they missed. Sales reps can create personal video messages for prospects, while recruiters can record candidate interviews and circulate them for review before making hiring decisions. With iMeet, you don’t have to be in the same place at the same time to have a collaborative meeting.

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Call A Guest

If you’re in iMeet and you want to bring someone into the discussion, you can have iMeet directly call that person’s phone.

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Share Files

iMeet gives you the ability to easily share all kinds of files with your guests – presentations, videos, spreadsheets and more. Upload or drag and drop files into chat. Your files are stored in the cloud so your documents are always available in iMeet from any device.

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