Powerful and Intuitive Interface

Discover a powerful web conferencing tool with an intuitive platform that displays 1-click access to commonly used features. Avoid overly complicated web conferencing platforms and let GlobalMeet® simplify your conferencing experience.

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No Software Downloads for Guests

GlobalMeet is a cloud-based web conferencing platform, so guests are not required to download and install complex software to join. Increase productivity with GlobalMeet by starting your meetings on time.

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Redesigned Desktop App

Our redesigned GlobalMeet desktop app makes it easier than ever to schedule and join a meeting. You can also manage all your files through the app without having to enter your meeting room.

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No Dial-Ins or Passcodes

Start meetings on time and eliminate frustration for guests joining with innovative web conferencing. Effortlessly join meetings via phone or VoIP using GlobalMeet’s “Connect Me” feature which will call you at any desired phone number so you never have to dial in.

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Get a Personalized Meeting URL

With GlobalMeet, you can easily create a personalized meeting URL to share with guests for easier access. Simple URLs allow guests to enter your meetings with a single click.

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Your Files In The Cloud

GlobalMeet offers a cloud-based file library that you can access from computer or iPad®. The file library lets you upload, download and share files with guests. Your recorded meetings are automatically stored in your file library for easy access.

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Multiple Access Options

Start, schedule and manage your meetings with one click from your desktop, mobile device or Outlook Toolbar.

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