An All-in-One Tool for Your Online Presentations

GlobalMeet® allows you to host more powerful online presentations with simple screen sharing features and the ability to switch presenters, transfer files, record meetings, and more. It’s the preferred conferencing platform for 75% of the Fortune 100.

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Manage Presentation Files in the Cloud

Use GlobalMeet’s cloud-based file library to easily manage your presentation files across devices. The library features functionalities like file transfer and drag and drop uploads.

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Host Large Meetings

Go big with GlobalMeet and meet with everyone in one large meeting. Host webinars or meetings with up to 325 guests and avoid confusion with an Active Talker feature that allows you to see who is talking.

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Get Audiences Involved

Engage your audience by involving them in your presentations using GlobalMeet features like screen sharing, Q&A, polling, whiteboard and chat.

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Easily Record Meetings to Share

Keep everyone in the loop with GlobalMeet. You can record meetings and webinars you are hosting, then share the playback with those who could not attend so no one misses important deliverables and content.

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Simple Screen Share Control

When you’re sharing your screen you may need to quickly answer an urgent instant message or email without disrupting the presentation. GlobalMeet gives you the ability to easily pause your screen share, so you can quickly do what you have to do and then get back to the conference. You control what your guests see at all times.

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